hhhHolly Geraci’s Help Holly Help Grant Challenge helped raise over $5,500.00 to Rockford Rescue Mission.  The Grant Challenge lasted approximately one month and donations varied from $25.00 to up to $1,000.00.

Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci matched the over $5,500.00 donated with their own money.  The total donated to the Rescue Mission was over $11,000.00.  But more important is the awareness raised.

The Grant Challenge was created to help raise money and awareness for the Rockford Rescue Mission.  The Rockford Rescue Mission helps feed and shelter thousands of individuals per year.  Without the Rockford Rescue Mission, thousands of people in Illinois would be homeless and hungry.

A critical part of Mr. & Mrs. Geraci’s grant challenges is the support of the community.  Having lived in Illinois Mr. & Mrs. Geraci are supporters of a number of Local Charities and Mrs. Geraci herself continually raises awareness for good causes.  Help Holly Help looks forward to continuing to raise awareness through the grant challenge program.

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