hhhThis past Sunday, Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois (CER) hosted their Fall Gala.   At their last gala event, Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois raised only $14,000.00 total.  Holly Geraci decided to pitch in and Help Holly Help extended a one night “Gala Grant Challenge.”

Unlike Help Holly Help’s typical challenges, Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois had only one night to raise up to $10,000.00 as part of the matching challenge.  The guests at the gala didn’t disappoint.

This year, without matching contributions, the guests at the gala raised over $26,000.00.  With Peter Francis Geraci and Holly Geraci’s Matching Grant, CER will be gaining at least $36,000.00.  But the donations didn’t stop or start at the Fall Gala.

Shortly after Help Holly Help linked CER on their website, and indicated they would match money pledged dollar for dollar, notice of donations started to come in through the Help Holly Help Website (www.helphollyhelp.com).  Even after the Challenge ended, and it was clear the challenge was successful, donations continued.

This specific challenge helped greatly.  With the State of Illinois still in a budget crisis, organizations like Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois need all the help they can get.  Because Illinois failed to create a fair budget and submit on time payments, Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois started the year $100,000.00 behind; and this money goes directly towards servicing individuals with developmental disabilities.  The money contributed at the Gala Event, and matched by Mrs. Geraci, has helped put a large dent in CER’s yearly budget deficit.

Julie Smith, the administrator at Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois  said, “Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois reached its goal in one special evening where friends and families gathered for the Fall Harvest Gala on October 23, 2016. Surpassing our goal of $10,000 so that the generous foundation Help Holly Help will match our funds. We are so thankful for everyone’s thoughtful gifts. The funds are going directly to the residents to help us continue to provide quality services to adults with developmental disabilities.”

The Help Holly Help Grant Challenges have assisted by raising $48,135.00 in the month of October.

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