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The Alano Club of Lahaina has had a strong start to the Help Holly Help Grant Challenge.  Within 24 house, of the announcement, the Alano Club of Lahaina has raised over $4,000.00 with the general public.  Adding the matching contribution, the Alano Club has now raised over $8,000.00.

Under the guidelines of the challenge Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci will donate up to $10,000, to match dollar for dollar the first $10,000 in donations made to the “Help Holly Help” challenge.

This is a terrific start to Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci’s matching grant challenge.  All those looking to donate, can donate at  You contribution will be added to the running donation total.

Holly Geraci & Help Holly Help have now raised over $55,000.00 since the challenges started in September.

Interested in donating to one of Holly Geraci’s Charities?  Go to to donate!

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