alanoclubhhhfbad1The Alano Club of Lahaina Grant Challenge still has 31 days until its completion, but more than half of the $10,000 challenge has already been donated by the public.  The Alano Club Challenge has been a success from the start.  Within 24 hours, over $4,000 was donated.  During the Thanksgiving weekend, nearly $2,000 more was donated.  There is still 31 days remaining, but if donations continue this campaign will have been a large success.

Since the challenge started, on 11/15/2016, the public has donated $6,975.00.  With matching funds, the total is up to $13,950.00.  The Alano club of Lahaina is only 3,025 away from reaching the $10,000 challenge.  But this doesn’t mean the donating has to stop.

The last Help Holly Help Campaign raised more than $26,000; well beyond the matching grant of $10,000.  The Grant challenge is more than a way to raise $20,000 to a good cause.  These challenge serve as a method raising awareness and challenging a community to help others.

To date, Holly Geraci and Her Husband, Peter Francis Geraci, have helped raise over 62,000 for charities.  A number of the charities work on social issues; which is supported by the Geraci’s.  Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci have been long time advocates of assisting with mental health illness, substance abuse and homelessness.

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