hhhThree months has passed since we have started issuing “Help Holly Help Grant Challenges.”  Getting a challenge to work involves a lot of moving parts.  A typical challenge runs anywhere from one-night only, as was the case for the Covenant Enabling Residences Challenge, up to 45 days.

But what goes into the challenge?  First it’s about finding the right charity.  The goal of help holly help is to raise awareness and promote social issues that can go unnoticed.  Issues like mental health, homelessness and developmental disabilities affect millions of people a year.  For this reason, we have started focusing on helping 501(c)(3) charities who address social issues.

How do we spread the word?  Spreading the message can be difficult.  For that reason, we rely on the charity we work with to spread the word locally.  We will run media campaigns to promote the challenge.  We create paper ads, Facebook, Twitter, web to increase awareness to the challenge.

We try to keep everyone informed as well.  During the challenge, we will update our site, www.helphollyhelp.com daily.  We want to increase our running thermostat, which shows the total donated, each day.  Keeping everyone informed means many hours on social media, web programming and news releases.  Keeping everyone informed is a group effort. Keeping up-to-date information on our current grant challenge, while keeping in mind the success of our past challenges takes more than one person.

Peter Francis Geraci and his wife, Holly Geraci, are challenging everyone to help Holly make it to $100,000 by the end of 2016. This would be a great accomplishment for Help Holly Help and the organizations Help Holly Help supports. Your donation, to the current grant challenge, will be matched up to $15,000 through 12/31/2016. Let’s make it to $100,000 together!

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