The Next Help Holly Help Grant Challenge

Published on : will soon announce the next Help Holly Help grant challengee.  The announcement will be made on Holly Geraci’s Facebook page and posted to the Help Holly Help Facebook page.  The next challenge will be’s first challenge of 2017.  The goal for 2017 is to last year’s total raised. In 2016, each help holly help […]

Nonprofit missions supports

Published on : supports various nonprofit organizations in the community.  But how does Holly Geraci, Peter Francis Geraci and decide who to support?  For one, Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci support nonprofit organizations which have a social impact.  for example, Homelessness is an ongoing problem in the United States. The National Alliance of to End Homelessness […]

Ideas for nonprofits to make 2017 great!

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The start of 2017 brings new opportunities for nonprofits.  The start of the year give marketing opportunities, board meetings and the ability to create new methods of fund raising.  What can nonprofit organizations do to show donors how important they are and spread their mission?  Here are some ideas: Write a hand written letter to […]

Raising Community Awareness with a Clear Mission

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Nonprofit organizations work to build strong community relationships.  Whether the nonprofit does a raffle, has a luncheon or some small event the goal is the same; raise awareness.  But why is raising awareness, of a nonprofit’s mission, important? The nonprofits mission set’s forth the ideals and goals of a nonprofit organization.  For example, the Boulevard’s […]