Holly Geraci Receives Rockford Rescue Mission Partnership Card

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This past week Holly Geraci received a partnership card with Rockford Rescue Mission.  The card is a reminder of the individuals struggling with homelessness and hunger.  In 2017 the Rockford Rescue Mission expects to provide:

  • More than 144,539 Meals
  • Over 50,601 nights of shelter
  • Over 2,000 appointments for medical and dental care.
  • hours of classroom instruction in the Rockford Rescue Mission Education Center
  • Hands on vocational training.

rrThe Rockford Rescue Mission was Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci’s first grant challenge.  The “Rockford Rescue Mission Grant Challenge” helped raise more than $11,000.  Every month, the Mission provides nearly 13,000 meals and 4,900 nights of lodging for men, women and children. The needs are so great in Rockford, but with faithful prayers and financial support, we can continue to offer food, clothing, shelter and long-term life-recovery programs for those who are homeless, hungry and hurting.

About Holly Geraci & Help Holly Help

Holly B. Geraci, longtime member of the Women’s Board of Lincoln Park Zoo, has been helping raise money for years.  Mrs. Geraci has supported nonprofit organizations and assisted with public outreach.  The Help Holly Help campaign, www.helphollyhelp.com , is intended to further assist nonprofits, making a positive impact on the community, grow with support and funds.

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