adds new page raising awareness for people suffering from hunger

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In a continuing effort to raise awareness on issues impacting society, has added a new page to keep the community aware of people suffering from hunger.  Hunger affects well over a 40  million individuals each year.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 43.1 million people lived in poverty in 2015.  According to the Census Bureau, a family of 5, making less than $28,440 is considered, living in poverty.  The poverty statistics are a direct correlation to individuals suffering from food insecurity.  Currently, more than 13% of individuals suffer from food insecurity.  Food insecurity is a lack of reliable access of food.

The United States does provide a number of food assistance programs.  However, only 59% of individuals who are considered, “food insecure” take advantage of the program.

Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci advocate for food assistance nonprofits.  Mr. and Mrs. Geraci’s work with Rockford Rescue Mission and various local charities is indicative of their commitment to preventing hunger in the community.

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