hhhIn a continuing effort to raise awareness on issues impacting society, helphollyhelp.com has added a new page to keep the community aware of people suffering from developmental disabilities.  Developmental disabilities, including learning disabilities and autism are a growing concern in the United States.  During the 12-year study, the prevalence of autism increased 289.5%.
Developmental disabilities don’t go away.  Individuals suffering from developmental disabilities have a life long struggle.  The struggle to provide excellent care can be difficult on families.  Parents who have children, suffering from developmental disabilities, grow older and struggle to financially and physically care for their children.
Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci support individuals suffering from developmental disabilities.  To learn more about nonprofits Mr. & Mrs. Geraci Support, go to www.helphollyhelp.com.  You can view the results of the Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois “One-Night Gala Challange” which helped raise over 50,000 in one night.


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