Raising Community Awareness with a Clear Mission

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hhhNonprofit organizations work to build strong community relationships.  Whether the nonprofit does a raffle, has a luncheon or some small event the goal is the same; raise awareness.  But why is raising awareness, of a nonprofit’s mission, important?

The nonprofits mission set’s forth the ideals and goals of a nonprofit organization.  For example, the Boulevard’s mission is,

“to serve more homeless individuals and improve their lives by minimizing the impact of illness and injury and affirming the link between health care continuity and stable housing.”  

It’s clear, from the boulevard’s mission they want to help homeless individuals.  It is also clear how they intend to help; by minimizing the impact of illness and injury.  The boulevard helps thousands of homeless men and women each year, by giving them a place to stay after they are discharged from the hospital.

Nonprofit organizations who provide a clear path of who they are working to serve can earn community support much easier than nonprofits who fail to articulate the purpose of their work.  The nonprofit organizations, supported by Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci, provide a clear mission.  Each organization, listed on www.helphollyhelp.com, has a page setting forth the nonprofit’s goals.  Help Holly Help will be including information about 501(c)(3) status for all the nonprofits listed on our site.

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