hhhThe start of 2017 brings new opportunities for nonprofits.  The start of the year give marketing opportunities, board meetings and the ability to create new methods of fund raising.  What can nonprofit organizations do to show donors how important they are and spread their mission?  Here are some ideas:

  1. Write a hand written letter to each donor describing how their donation impacted the life of someone else.  The letter serves as a method of communicating the importance of donations.  Instead of making donations seem like an obligation, let the donor know how their specific donation was used to help someone else.
  2. Create and upload a mission video.  This is 2017.  By now, most people aren’t reading long mission statements and visiting your site to read text.  Create a video which describes your mission and how you plan on furthering your mission in 2017.
  3. We all know about Gala events and other fundraising methods.  Think outside the box.  Instead of calling donors to a night of donating, bring them to a night for them.  “No Donation Necessary,” and give them a night that shows them how important they are.  When it comes time to donate again, they will remember how appreciative your organization was.
  4. If you haven’t started issuing press releases or made friends with the media, start.  People consume so much information on their smartphones via news and social media.  By making friends with the media you can spread your mission within the community easier.

These are just a few things you can do to bring new opportunities to your nonprofit, while also taking care of those who helped you in the past.  Make sure to visit www.helphollyhelp.com to see Holly Geraci‘s and Peter Francis Geraci‘s grant challenges.  Each challenge has proved to be a success at raising money and awareness.

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