will soon announce the next Help Holly Help grant challengee.  The announcement will be made on Holly Geraci’s Facebook page and posted to the Help Holly Help Facebook page.  The next challenge will be’s first challenge of 2017.  The goal for 2017 is to last year’s total raised.

In 2016, each help holly help grant challenge had been a success.  In total, since October of 2016, Help Holly Help has raised over $100,000.00.  Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci’s grant challenges have helped raise money, and awareness, for social issues involving hunger, developmental disabilities and substance abuse problems.

The next grant challenge can learn from the past challenges.  For example, the Alano Club of Lahaina challenge used community awareness to raise funds.  The Alano Club organized ornament sales, car washes and other community events to help raise money.  Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois utilized social media to spread the word.  With Facebook and twitter Covenant Enabling Residences was able push donations at their one-night only gala event.

Holly Geraci, Peter Francis Geraci and look forward to successful start to our first help holly help grant challenge of 2017.  Keep an eye on Holly Geraci’s facebook and the website to find out who the next challenge is.

Holly Geraci is involved in several nonprofit organizations. She is a current board member of the Women’s Board of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Holly Geraci Supports: Boulevard house, Rockford Rescue Mission, Thresholds, Lincoln Park Zoo, Josselyn Center, Covenant Enabling Residence of Illinois and the Alano Club of Lahaina.

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