hhhHolly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci have been supporters of various organizations for more than 40 years.  But how did Mr. and Mrs. Geraci become involved in nonprofit organizations?

Holly Geraci attended the same high school as Peter Francis Geraci, Foreman High School, in Chicago.  Like many couples, Mr. and Mrs. Geraci were high school sweethearts whom eventually married.  Mrs. Geraci has been a advocate for those suffering from social issues.  She is a long standing member of nonprofit boards and zealously supports organizations making a positive impact in society.  Her work and support has helped thousands of individuals, who would otherwise be forgotten.

Since establishing his practice, in 1977, Mr. Geraci has worked criminal cases, injury cases, divorce cases and bankruptcy cases.  Mr. Geraci has personally met thousands of his clients and has helped over a hundred-thousand people.  While working as a lawyer, Mr. Geraci heard stories of substance abuse, learned about mental health problems and helped people suffering from homelessness.  When faced with these issues, Peter Francis Geraci decided to make an impact.  Mr. Geraci has been a silent philanthropist, providing financial and community assistance.  Although Mr. Geraci runs one of the country’s largest law firms, he continues to accept pro bono legal work when assigned by the courts.  After years of supporting nonprofit organizations, Mr. and Mrs. Geraci created a website to further build strong ties to their community while raising money for those in need.

The Geracis’ organized helphollyhelp.com this past year.  Helphollyhelp.com is a central location to learn about the charities the Geraci family support.  Homelessness, hunger, mental illness, severe disabilities and substance abuse problems are all part of the Geraci’s website.

Since October of 2016 Mr. and Mrs. Geraci helped raise over $100,000.  Mr. and Mrs. Geraci have helped grow community support in Rockford, IL, Lahaina, HI and Oak Forest, IL.

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