Attracting donor attention can be difficult.  A lot of times nonprofits don’t have the resources to build proper donor lists.  The reasons vary from the cost of buying a database, for storing donor information, to finding people who attract donors. has identified 4 easy, and free, ways you can attract donor attention.

E-Mail Lists:  A great way to start grabbing donor attention is by sending them emails.  But how can you easily send emails to hundreds or thousands of potential donors?  Where do you keep the information?  There are a number of FREE online CRM’s .  You can use the CRM to keep email lists, contact information and even track donations.  Right now provides an entirely free cloud-based CRM.  Their CRM is secure and can be used to track correspondence with your donors.

Social Media:  Need something faster and easier than an email blast to thousands of people?  Use social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms can spread your message quickly.  But if this is your first time joining social media, you will need to post frequently and collect followers.  A good option could be creating a wordpress, google+, facebook and twitter account.  You can link all 4 accounts together.  Then with a little work and the push of a button, your wordpress post will make it’s way to every linked account.

Mobile Responsive Websites:   Having a mobile responsive website is a must.  Studies show most internet usage is on mobile devices.  Cell phones, tablets and mini-tablets are utilized for most web browsing.  By having a mobile optimized website, your donors can easily navigate page-to-page.  You can look at on see how the site changes based on the device.

E-Z Ways to pay: Now that you have attracted a donor, what do you do?  Well you will need to find an easy way for them to make a payment.  An online payment gateway maybe the way to go.  A payment gateway allows your donors to make payments on your website or gives you the ability to accept payment at social events; like a gala.  Most organizations accepting money have some way of easily accepting payments.

Make 2017 great.  Be active on social media, build your donor base and give them a simple and effective way to contribute to your organization.


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