hhhEmail blasts and donor letters not as effective as when you first started?  Does your nonprofit need a different way to grab your donor’s attention?  Helphollyhelp.com has a few ideas to help your raise some extra money while also raising awareness in the community.

  1. Raffles are terrific ways to raise money.  But, what do you raffle?  Blankets, scarves, donated sports tickets or memorabilia can be a great way to go.  Selling raffle tickets, for $5 a piece or $20 for 5 tickets can help make some extra money.  It only take 200 raffle ticket sales to make an extra $1,000.
  2. Show your donors how much you care about them by throwing them a bash.  Don’t ask for donations though.  Why?  Your donors will remember how they were appreciated and could end up increasing their donation.  Better yet, when you send out an annual newsletter, to your donors, you can remind them of the “donor appreciation” event.
  3. For nonprofits who can get their clients involved a car wash or bake sale can bring in money.  You can advertise an event on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  You may find that your event both increases current donor contributions while adding new donors to your cause.
  4. A grand ball.  If you have a large enough location, or can find a place to host an event, think a social event with music and dancing.  You can charge your donors a modest entrance fee to attend the event.  You can also charge a small fee for beverages, but if you want to serve alcohol you should check state and local laws .

These are just a few ways you can increase money from donors, while also giving back to the community.  All 4 of these ideas will can both increase donations and local awareness for your nonprofit.

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