hhhHas helphollyhelp.com prepares for the next Help Holly Help Grant Challenge, we thought it would be a good idea to show how much work goes into executing a new challenge.  There is more to creating a challenge than just watching the money roll right into a nonprofit organization.  So, how do we start?

First, helphollyhelp.com must select the challengee.  Selecting the challengee is dependent upon scheduling, the nonprofit’s mission and an analysis of the nonprofit’s IRS status.  We want to make sure the individuals who donate are making a tax deductible contribution.  After we do our homework, helphollyhelp.com must get into contact with the nonprofit.  Usually there is a short discussion with either a board director, a marketing director or someone who is in charge of charitable donations.  After discussing the logistics and timeline of the challenge, we can proceed with creative content.

What is creative content?  Creative content is the advertising campaigns you may see on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  Helphollyhelp.com also will get a makeover to make donations easier.  During a grant challenge, the home page of help holly help will display the current challenge and provide quick method of donating on either a desktop or mobile device.  Of course, the website will be updated frequently to show the amounts of money contributed to the challenge.

Holly Geraci, Peter Francis Geraci and helphollyhelp.com look forward to raising awareness and funds for nonprofits.  You can visit www.helphollyhelp.com to donate to a charity whose mission you support.

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