hhhNeed to grab donor attention?  Helphollyhelp.com has a few ideas to help your raise some extra money while also raising awareness in the community.

  1. Community Raffles:  Knit a blanket, find some olds sports memorabilia you don’t mind donating or find a local organization to sponsor the raffle.  Raffles are a great way to go out and see the community.
  2. Client Involvement: For nonprofits who can get their clients involved a car wash or bake sale can bring in money.  You can advertise an event on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  You may find that your event both increases current donor contributions while adding new donors to your cause.
  3. Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms can spread messages and events quickly in the local community.  Facebook even allows for localized ads.  This means you can target your community for donations and assistance.
  4. E-Mail Lists:  Now that you have your community’s attention, how do you keep it?  Email blasts can be an effective way to inform the community of upcoming events, send news letters and provide information about your nonprofits status.

These are just a few ways you can increase money from donors, while sparking the community to join your mission.  All 4 of these ideas will can both increase donations and local awareness for your nonprofit.

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