While the state of Illinois continues to struggle to produce a budget and potential cutbacks to Medicaid, there have been numerous cutbacks in psychological and psychiatric help.  In 2016 alone there have been large layoffs at some of the State’s largest social service providers and closings of counseling service centers.  These centers were created to help people suffering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and various disorders.  You can read the full article on how Illinois’s budget impasse is ‘destroying’ mental health here.

The National Institute on Mental Health Reports that 28.8 percent of adults suffer from Anxiety disorders.  That is over a quarter of the country suffering from Anxiety Problems.  The Demographics between men and women also indicate women are at a much larger risk for anxiety disorders than men; being 60% more likely to experience an anxiety order.  12.5 % of individuals suffer from specific phobias, including fear of heights, darkness and other anxiety disorders.  But the problem is a lot of states are cutting their mental health budgets.

Which is why it is important to have organizations like Thresholds.  Peter Francis Geraci and his wife, Holly B. Geraci are supporters of Thresholds and their mission to provide services to persons suffering from mental health issues.  Thresholds is one of the oldest and largest recovery services in the state of Illinois. Currently, Mr. and Mrs. are challenging Thresholds in Chicago.  Thresholds assists thousands of individuals suffering from mental health problems.  Thresholds offers 30 innovative programs at more than 100 locations in Illinois throughout Chicago, surrounding counties and suburbs.  Currently, Thresholds has raised more than $4,000 and with Geracis’ matching, up to $10,000, they have earned more than $8,000.  You can donate to the Thresholds challenge by visiting www.helphollyhelp.com and donating.

You can view more Mental Health Statistics at: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/statistics/prevalence/any-anxiety-disorder-among-adults.shtml

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