7 More days to donate to the current Help Holly Help Grant Challenge, Thresholds

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There are only 7 more days to donate the current Help Holly Help Grant Challenge Thresholds.  Thresholds is the first challenge for Help Holly Help in 2017.  Currently, Thresholds has raised more than $4,000 and with Geraci’s’ matching, up to $10,000, they have earned more than $8,000.

Thresholds is one of the oldest and largest recovery services in the state of Illinois. Currently, Mr. and Mrs. are challenging Thresholds in Chicago.  Thresholds assists thousands of individuals suffering from mental health problems.  Thresholds offers 30 innovative programs at more than 100 locations in Illinois throughout Chicago, surrounding counties and suburbs.

7DaysToGetTo10Holly Geraci and her husband, Peter Francis Geraci, created the Help Holly Help Grant Challenge in October of 2016.  From the start of Mrs. Geraci’s grant challenges until the end of the year, Help Holly Help has helped raise more than $100,000.  The Geraci’s have continued the grant challenges in 2017, starting with the current challenge, Thresholds.

Thresholds, the first matching grant challenge of 2017, provides mental health support and substance abuse support to thousands of individuals each year.  Thresholds provide clinical services for individuals suffering from severe mental illness.  You can donate to the Thresholds challenge by visiting www.helphollyhelp.com and donating.

You can donate to the current grant challenge by visiting www.helphollyhelp.com.

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