smdp_hoh_updated_logoThe St. Martin de Porres Grant Challenge is just past the halfway point.  So far St. Martin de Porres has raised over $9,700 and is just about half way to reaching the grant challenge threshold.  So far the donations have come in various amounts.  The donations have been as low as $10 and as high as $1000.  All the amounts donated will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000.  This means when you donate $100, your donation will turn into $200 or $500 will become $1,000.  All the money donated will help provide St. Martin de Porres with program materials and other services for women and children receiving treatment.

Due to the difference in drug abuse treatment for men and women, it is important treatment centers maintaining a positive impact continue to receive contributions.  You can visit to mark your donation to St. Martin De Porres House of Hope.  Click the donate button.  You can also follow both Help Holly Help and St. Martin de Porres on Facebook and Twitter.  St. Martin de Porres’s programs are 100 percent charitable and designed to meet the unique biological, psychological, social, and familial needs of female substance abusers. Their intensive 12 to 18-month residential program focuses on integrated recovery for substance abuse and dual diagnosis of co-occurring mental health issues.

You can show your support by visiting and marking your contribution to St. Martin de Porres.


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