It took just about a month, but St. Martin de Porres House of Hope passed the $10,000 grant challenge maximum.  St. Martin de Porres raised more than $13,900 during the Help Holly Help Grant challenge.  The challenge started on April 15th, and ends May 15th.  Although St. Martin de Porres reached the Grant Challenge maximum, you can still donate.

The grant challenge started strong, with nearly $1,500 in donations during the first week.   By the middle of the challenge, St. Martin de Porres had raised just under $5,000.  But with two weeks left, St. Martin raised the remaining $10,000 and went even further.  Donations came in all shapes and sizes.  Some folks donated as little as $10, while others donated more than $3000.  This challenge met the ideals of Help Holly Help Grant Challenges.

The Help Holly Help Grant Challenges are intended to spur donations and raise awareness in the local community.  The St. Martin de Porres Challenge did just that.  Every contribution, whether big or small made an impact.  The culmination of the small donations and efforts by the St. Martin de Porres staff.  With the matching contribution by the Geracis’ St. Martin de Porres has raised more than $23,000.

You can continue to help St. Martin De Porres House of Hope, by going to and mark your donation.



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