After a little over a month, Bremen Youth Services became Help Holly Help’s fifth consecutive successful challenge.  In total, Bremen Youth Services has raised over $20,500.  The donations came in varying amounts, some as low as $25.00 and others as high as $1,000.00.  Bremen Youth Services raised more than $10,000 just after the Fourth of July Holiday.

Bremen Youth Services, in the Bremen Township, has been helping youths and their families since 1964.  Bremen employs numerous mental health counselors, including psychologists who specialize in various areas of counseling.

Bremen Youth Services provides individual and family counseling, substance abuse treatment, DUI risk education, group counseling, therapy groups and prevention services.  In addition to counseling services, Bremen has a 7-day summer camp program.

In total, Help Holly Help has helped raise more than $192,000.00 since we started in 2016.  In 2017 alone, Help Holly Help challengee(s) have received more than $88,000 in funds.

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