Here’s how the super billionaires donate:  Warren Buffet put $300,000 aside ten years ago, a “bet the increase”.  The $300,000 increased to $1 million ten years later.  So he got to take an exemption of $1 million, instead of $300,000, by donating appreciated assets he did not work for, or pay ordinary income tax of 39% for.

It is much harder for small charitable givers to do this, and making the charity wait 10 years so you can take a huge freebie of appreciated assets does not seem fair at all.  Warren Buffett could afford to donate $1 million 10 years ago, instead of playing games and making the charity wait.  But he is a huge game player. And made the charity wait 10 years.

Had Warren Buffet donated $1 million 10 years ago, with the stipulation that the charity got $300,000 then, and had to invest and not touch the other $700,000, the charity would, ten years later, have $7 million, not a million.  Another “cheapest billionaire”!

Since October 2016, Help Holly Help has helped charities raise over $200,000.00.  Wish Warren Buffett would contribute a million apiece!  He wouldn’t miss it at all. And it would be a great help to those less fortunate.

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