How would you like to own 17.9 miles of trails on a Vermont Mountain?  According to the Bennington Banner, The nonprofit attempting to purchase Prospect Mountain Ski-Center is comprised of approximately a dozen ski-enthusiasts trying to keep the family atmosphere of Prospect Mountain alive.

Prospect Mountain Nordic Ski Center, as it is known, is located in Woodford Vermont.  During the winter, Prospect Mountain invites Skiiers to ride the slopes and in the Summer you can book an outdoor wedding.

Prospect Mountain has approximately 144 acres and according to their website, the base lodge elevation is 2,250 feet.  You can view photos of the mountain online at  The mountain and Ski Center has been for sale by current and longtime owners, Steve Whitham and Andrea Amodeo.

Interested in donating or supporting Prospect Mountain?  Contact David Newell, Sarah Fisher, or Jack Miller.  Their information can be found in the Bennington Banner Article,528449?

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