Holly Geraci & Peter Francis Geraci are challenging the Alano Club of Lahaina to raise $10,000 in the next thirty days.  This is the third challenge to the Alano Club of Lahaina.  The last challenge saw the Alano Club successfully raise $10,000 in less than a month.

The current challenge will begin shortly before the 30th anniversary of the Alano Club of Lahaina’s creation.  The Alano Club of Lahaina is looking to update their existing coffee bar while continuing to provide quality assistance to individuals suffering from substance abuse problems.  Since their inception, the Alano club has focused on providing a safe, clean and sober environment for people suffering from substance abuse problems. The Alano Club of Lahaina welcomes all visitors in need of help.

To make a donation, log on to and click the “Donate” button to donate to the Alano Club of Lahaina.

Holly Geraci, Peter Francis Geraci, and have helped raise over $250,000 for nonprofit organizations. does not collect funds on behalf of nonprofits.  All proceeds go directly to the nonprofit organizations. 

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